Why Element CrossFit?

Element’s School of Fitness has a very specific way of delivering all of our programs. From CrossFit to Olympic Weightlifting we’ve developed our programs to be on the leading edge in their fields. Best of all we’re constantly researching and refining our methods to ensure our athletes get results that others often only dream about.

We’re part of the Madlab Group, a group of experienced CrossFit affiliates who have worked together for years in our pursuit to professionalize the fitness industry.

In short, we are not a group exercise class. Yes, we host group classes for our experienced CrossFit athletes. However, prior to graduating to group classes, all of our students work with their coach in a one-on-one environment. This ensures everyone is fit and competent in the technical movements of CrossFit prior to being thrown into a group setting.

What sets us apart is our coaches: All of our coaches go through a rigorous two-year apprenticeship program, where they learn about human movement, mobility, injury prevention, anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition and develop entrepreneurial skills, before they begin teaching their own students.

All of our athletes get a Coach for Life and we’ve seen over the years that this is the best, safest way to get our students fit, all the while avoiding injuries and remaining fit and healthy for life.