Element Mobility: ARGH! My wrist KILLS in the Front Rack!

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Hey everyone! I have a lot of athletes complain that when they are trying to front squat they have a lot of pain and discomfort in the wrist. Often times this comes from issues in the shoulder that the wrist needs to compensate. Check out this release that gives some relief from that wrist pain while you work on those shoulders! Check us out on FB   Follow me on Twitter @physiofigure

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Element Therapy: Text Neck .. Could Your Cell Phone be Hurting Your Overhead Position?

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By Christina Nowak BSc, MScPT, CSCS Text neck is the new buzz word in the health world.The younger generations are spending more time than ever before on their phones ‚Ķ it can accrue to easily a couple of hours a day! With email, text messaging and the internet capabilities of our newest phones, you can see why. While all of this new technology is wonderful, what rehab specialists and doctors are seeing is an increase in neck and shoulder problems related to smart phones. A recent article posted in the LA Times, spoke about the concerns that doctors have on the forward head posturing that we use when we are texting or using our phones. The more we flex our neck as we stare at our phones, the more stress we put on all of the structures around our neck …