TORI’S BLOG: New Beginnings … In school and body image

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Hello Fellow Crossfitters, Fitness has always been a big part of my life, I have always considered myself as an active person. Even though I haven’t been at Crossfit for long I find that now I will find myself wanting to do that much more. Take this weekend for instance. I run often but these past couple of days I have pushed my running limits just because I felt that I could go that extra mile. Training as well as working with all of you has really pushed my mindset to do even better. Not only has this been a factor for me, but I have found that since I began training as well as playing with the IIFYM my body and stamina as completely changed. I can feel like I can push myself for longer periods of time during …

Nutritional Habits 101

Nutritional Habits 101

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Counting calories can take a person a long way; however,  you can still manage your weight and become a healthier person by focusing on what you eat. Eating mindfully, drinking water and exercising consistently  are the building blocks to health and longevity. If your starting to change your lifestyle the following steps and habits will be a great start: Have a Plan The Night Before Laying out what your going to eat everyday can be tedious and is better suited for advanced nutritional students. For beginners, simply thinking about how your next day is going to look like nutritionally can greatly impact the choices you make. Take an inventory before you go to bed and create a dialogue that brings awareness to your food choices for the next day: “there’s some left over chicken, an apple and some almonds I can …