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CHRISTINA’S BLOG: What the Boomers Program Means to Me

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A lot of things in my life feel like they just fall into my lap. I’m not saying that I just got lucky. I don’t really believe in that. You make your luck by the effort you put into your life everyday. But I do feel like I’ve had the opportunity to embrace experiences that have changed me as a person and have changed the direction that I have taken in my life. The Boomers program is my prime example. The Boomers program came together from different pieces of a puzzle blending at the right moment. As a physiotherapist, you get to a point where you discharge your clients when you feel that they’ve gotten to a good functional state. I’m not a therapist who believes in keeping persons on my caseload forever. But exercise is for keeps. I have …

Element Mobility: Mobility 101

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Hey guys! So do you know you have tight tissues but have absolutely no idea what to use with all of the tools on the market? Check out this intro video on the different mobility equipment. Remember too that it really is trial and error and there is no wrong answer. Try equipment and see what works for you!   Ie … Mobility 101


TORI’S BLOG: Studying for my Kin Exam

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Hello Fellow Crossfitters, I hope everyone has been enjoying there weekend thus far, I know my weekend has been full of studying, studying and more studying. I have begun studying for my Kinesiology exam in September and it is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. So it’s safe to say I am a little stressed out. Over the years epically during school  I have found working out to be a kind of out let or stress reliever so to speak to get my mind of of studying, giving my mind a break for the time being. Throughout University I would plan out my day around practice, the gym and study time. I would study for so many hours at the library and then as a break I would go and work out. This would allow …