The Choice of Feeling Empowered or Defeated

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There are times in everyone’s life where they feel tested. Pushed to a limit. Some hard force that seems like you will not be able to push past. It doesn’t need to be a physical limit though that is what we see mostly in our gym. People coming in and being able to do things they never thought possible. The result is incredible here at Element. It’s empowering to know that you accomplished something you thought you couldn’t.  It doesn’t always end that way though – especially when its a mental or emotional challenge. “If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you – T.L Sims” The past couple of weeks have been that challenge for me. I’ve had things going on that left me feeling really drained and exhausted. Trying to get myself to workout was a challenge. Even when …

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Doing my CrossFit Level One and on my way to KickStart Graduation

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Hello Fellow Crossfitters,  This week has been a crazy one to say the least. Firstly, I would like to get it off my chest that I am SUPER upset that I missed the Element Open this weekend, but I had good reason. That weekend I was out completely my Level 1. Keep your fingers crossed still everyone I wont find out the results for another week or so. This week was just like any other for me, I am still on my way completing my KickStart Session. I completed number 8 this week, almost done! but this one was tough. Tackled Grace, in my head it did not seem that bad, but once I was done man! I was toast. But like any other crazy person, after lifting I decided to go for a mile run As I continue to …