Sarah’s Guide to Choosing A Gym

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Independent gyms are all unique which is both amazing and terrifying at the same time. Each and every single one differs in color scheme, education of trainers, experience, new member intake systems, policies, procedures and payment structure for both clients and staff. There are no regulations, and very few share best practices (we’re one of those that do); but they do all have one thing in common. They are all run by passionate people who are trying their best to do what they love. There are approximately 5000 fitness centers in Canada where prospective clients can shop around for a facility and many are open and willing to admit to you that this is what they’re doing. When shopping for a gym you should look out for a few things before you start: • Did the Coach talk to you extensively about …

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The Great Weightlifting Shoe Debate

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So you’ve taken the plunge and started CrossFit or Weightlifting at an experienced facility with a reputable coach. You’re making solid progress and are excited about this new thing you’re tackling head on. You do notice one strange thing though, some people are wearing these weird shoes that look unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You ask around and find out they’re weightlifting shoes. Everyone that has a pair says they’re amazing and you should get a pair for yourself but you’re still not sure if you want to take the plunge, after all these ‘lifters’ tend to be a little more expensive than traditional running shoes. “So what’s the deal Josh? Are they worth it? Do these shoes actually make a difference? Do I really need them?” Well I’m happy you asked. Check it out. The Running Shoe The typical running shoe …


Changing with the Times: What we know about Exercise and Breast Cancer

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By Christina Nowak BSc, MScPT, CSCS During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Element Therapy + is going to present a two part post on strength training in women after breast cancer. Part one is a review of the new research on the safety and effectiveness of resistance training for women after breast cancer. Part two will look at women’s and clinician’s experiences related to exercise, specifically strength training, after breast cancer. There is a slight disconnect in knowledge translation to clinicians and women are being told that it is not safe to perform heavy upper body exercises. Let’s take a step back What is breast cancer? Breast cancer is a malignant (which means it continues to grow) tumour developing in the tissue of the breast. Breast cancer accounts for 26% of all cancers diagnosed in women (1). According to the Canadian …