TORI’S BLOG: Yell Surprise!

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Hello Fellow Crossfitters, So I am a party planner by night I have just recently discovered. This weekend a few family members and I decided to plan a surprise birthday party for my sister, Glow in the Dark Theme obviously! It was a lot of fun! getting her out the house for majority of the day was the most difficult part, if you don’t know my sister she is the most stubborn individual you will ever meet. In the end, she was so surprised and the video is even better. School is getting better for me, I am getting more organized and planning my days with not only working out but coaching as well. I must admit that having the time to work out has become a bit of a challenge.  I used to be a 6am’er but once school took … Read More

CHRISTINAS BLOG: Team Challenge Hang Over

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team challenge

This weekend we had our annual Team Challenge. Where 50 teams of 3 girls, 3 guys get together to throw down at our Element Ridgeway location. It is a day of laughs and tests of the physical ability of many athletes and the Element staff looks forward to it every year! It was no exception this year and we had the BEST day to run it. The weather held up and we were able to get all of the athletes flying over 5 foot walls. Bringing it back to jumping over fences as kids and then doing unbroken barbell work. As a competitive athlete I’ve been on both sides of the coin. I have always said too that I think that every athlete should get on the judging side of things at least once. I find it WAY more exhausting … Read More

TORI’S BLOG: Back into the Grind

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Hello Fellow Crossfitters, This week has been a bit less stressful for me, getting my school stuff and work schedule better organized. Let me just tell you colour coding has been my best friend when it comes to organization in calendars. This week at Element has been wonderful, I am getting more comfortable coaching on my own with clients, there are some bumps in the road but everything is coming together slowly. I will be starting coaching tennis again with a few kids now which I am super excited to pick back up. I love the sport and now that I am not playing super competitive any more its nice to not only play for myself but to share it with other kids who are just as passionate about it as I am. I find that Sunday’s are always the time to … Read More