Element Mobility Day Ankle ROM

Christina Nowak BLOG 1 Comment

Hey everyone! If you’re having trouble getting into the bottom position of your squat – a possible issue could be the ability of your ankles to travel forward over your toes. In the mobility video this week we are going to use the bands to open up the ankles. Make sure you go into end range! Use this before you squat to gain that ankle range in the bottom.

App Review: PushPress Timer

Mathew Miller BLOG 1 Comment

PushPress Timer Available for: Iphone and Ipad   This app can be a life saver when trying to do a WOD in a room that doesn’t have a clock, or if you are working on a different programming. PushPress timer is available for Iphone and Ipad only. The app has a couple different features, being able to run as a stop watch, AMRAP, Count Down, EMOM, and even everyone’s favorite Tabata! vv      A really nice feature about PushPress timer it is compatible with Apple TV, so if you are running this as your primary clock it is one that can be projected to a main monitor or TV. With volume some of the famous athletes within Crossfit are counting you down. You have Aja Barto, Carl Paoli, Diane Fu, Elyse Umeda and Jamie Hagiya. You can play your …


App Review: MyWod

Mathew Miller BLOG 2 Comments

MyWod Available for: Iphone, Ipad, Android Apple $1.99 Android: $2.21 If you want an app that is simple to use, which has everything you are looking for to keep track of your CF workouts, and lifts this is it. MyWod allows you to track your max lifts, track your WOD’s, able to graph all your benchmark workout’s plus more! MyWod has all hero and girl workouts loaded to the application, plus over 150 common WODS; which are uploaded remotely to keep it up to date. You can keep track of your own WOD’s as well through the personal calendar. A bonus of the app, you are able to share your WOD results through Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, or email your favorite person with your results! One awesome feature of the app is the max lifts. The has a list of Crossfit …