Element Therapy: Soft tissue release for hip pain

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By Christina Nowak BSc, MScPT, CSCS What can be the cause of it? One of the causes of hip and groin pain is a labral tear. The labrum is a cartilage ring around the hip joint that helps to maintain the position of the hip joint in its socket. Tears can be caused from repetitive tasks related to sports or work such as running, or can be a result of the shape of your hip joint – known as femoral acetabular impingement or FAI. What do they do about it? Many people with labral tears end up being able to do well with conservative management – ie they don’t need surgery. Here’s what the research says… A study done by Dilani Mendis and colleagues in 2014 compared hip strength of persons that had a labral tear. By using MRI scans …

Ethan and Allison

Demonstrating Family Fitness

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Since the day little Ethan (who isn’t so little anymore!) was born, he has been a staple in the gym! He has grown up watching his parents Alison and Chris demonstrate how important it is to integrate physical activity into their daily lives. Alison has worked to strengthen her hips after having a hip replacement at an early age due to sports related injuries and is a great role model for Ethan. Ethan takes after Chris with his monkey bar ways, playing with the mobility bands and dowels. Not that he really needs mobility because he has the best squat technique in the gym! They show that it runs in the family. Ethan is always running around the gym and maybe if the dog is lucky he gets one of his blueberries. We at Element are very proud of the …