Element Therapy: The Competition Bug and Balance

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This weekend was the CrossFit East Regional. There has been some restructuring in the way that the Regional events now run. Last year the top 48 individual men and women were invited to the Canada East Regional. This year the top 20 from Canada East and the top 20 from North East combined to make a Super Regional. Watching the men, women and teams compete, especially when you see people around you that you know is pretty incredible. It’s always around the Open or the Regionals that I get thinking about my athletic pursuits. I started CrossFit after finishing my undergrad leading the Varsity Cheerleading team (yes it was considered a sport I have had this argument many times!) and then dabbling in the fitness/bodybuilding world for about a year. I have always been a person that does well with …


Warren’s Delicious Tiramisu

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Did you guys know that Warren is a master chef? well not really but he does have some serious skills. WARNING: this is not paleo and only to be consumed in a guilt free, live your life, enjoy every spoonful environment! Tiramisu 4 Egg Yolks 1 Container of Mascarpone Cheese (475mg) 4 tbsp Sugar – Blend together till creamy, set aside 4 Egg White 1 Table Sugar – Beat to stiff white peaks, set aside – Beat the eggs Last and/or drain the liquid 1/2 Litre Whipping Cream 1 tbsp Sugar – Beat to Peaks, set aside – Fold all 3 mixtures together – Dip lady fingers into 3 cups of espresso (if your feeling adventurous add Amaretto¬†to the coffee!) – layer like a lasagna cream & lady fingers, cream and lady fingers – Cover the top with cocoa and …