CHRISTINAS BLOG: Ladies your image is important – a crazy realization for me

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The strength and conditioning world is changing. It used to be an all-man’s club. It is now a mostly-man’s club but some of us women are starting to get our hands in the pot. Over the past couple of weeks there have been  a lot of articles being posted about how women are portraying themselves in the fitness world. These have related largely to athletes who are getting sponsored and are often seen in sports bras and provocative positions. But these women are often also our personal trainers, fitness professionals, strength coaches. I was at a conference last weekend and all but one of the presenters were men. I’m not trying to make a feminist argument, men have tended to have more pursuit in this area. But there was one female presenter. One. So I looked her up on social media … Read More

TORIS BLOG: Bros and Does and Baking on a Sunday

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Hello Fellow Crossfitters, First I would like to congratulate all of the athletes that had competed in yesterdays Bros and Does competition! you all did an amazing job! and I had a great time volunteering. This was the first competition that I have been able to attend and it was very exciting, I mean judging was exhausting haha and I know most of you are going to make fun of me for saying that, but in all honesty watching everyone compete made me want to get out there and join you. So this week for me has been interesting, my wisdom teeth are coming in now and to boot I have to get them taken out next week not excited to look like a chipmunk. So its safe to say that I have been in pain the last couple of … Read More

CHRISTINAS BLOG: What we need in the fitness industry

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This past weekend I was at SWIS 2015. SWIS is a conference that blends health care professionals with fitness professionals in the hope of creating a common language, referral system and communication between the two disciplines (which I think is SUPER important!). There were some big names there – John Meadows, Ian King, Dave Tate, John Berardi. Not many women but that’s a separate topic all together haha. One of the things that I commend everyone on is the taking of continuing education. In an age where it seems that everything is available on the internet, sometimes people don’t put as much time as they should on continuing education. The task of signing up, going to an event and sitting and listening to a person talk is a different experience. Not to mention the networking opportunity of just talking to other … Read More