Are you ready to get fit?

Not that big bulky muscle magazine 'fit'. We're talking run, jump, climb and play like you were able to do back in the glory days fit. You're never too old to feel 21 again!

Element CrossFit is the oldest and longest-standing CrossFit box in the area and was founded with the belief fitness should be for everyone, not just the elite. #fitnessforall

Our knowledgeable and experienced full-time coaching team is completely dedicated to helping you reach your goals in a remarkable training environment.

We’re always learning and continuing to evolve our approaches as new information comes out in the fitness world. We want to know more than the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ we want to know how to apply all the knowledge we have to create a fitness program that not only provides consistent progress and well planned workouts but also excites our members everyday.

At our core is a community that is unlike any other, we sweat together and we celebrate together all while having a whole lot of fun.

Element CrossFit is a world-class fitness facility with a team atmosphere unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You will receive personal attention from our coaches, and support from your team members every time you enter the gym. Unlike most gyms we require that you work with a coach to help prepare you as a new member, and to help yougrow as an athlete. We believe that through consistent quality coaching and education our athletes learn how to perform their best, prevent injury and achieve results beyond their wildest imaginations.

Through private sessions and scheduled group classes, we instruct basic to advanced level varied functional movements with a combination of cardiovascular activities, weightlifting, and gymnastics.

Our students are extremely diverse in their athletic abilities, backgrounds, experience, conditioning and lives. They include firefighters, students, doctors, triathletes, grandparents, business executives, stay-at-home moms, military personnel, martial artists and more. Our atmosphere is one of support and camaraderie and is welcoming to everyone that walks in the door with a willingness to try.

The Element CrossFit difference is rooted in our philosophy. We believe that sustainable fitness comes through movement not isolation. We are a community, a team and we improve by working together in a challenging yet supportive environment. This isn’t one size fits all.

We have spent over 8 years learning about what works and what doesn’t work in terms of getting people fit, and perhaps more importantly, we have learned what works in order to keep people motivated and injury-free so they can stay fit for life.

We have collected and analyzed data from more than 100 CrossFit affiliate gyms around the world and used the findings to develop cutting edge programs to ensure that our members get the best coaching and education possible.

We believe what Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, articulated in the CrossFit Journal article ‘What is Fitness’. He suggested that in order to gain fitness – be it fitness for life or as an elite athlete – you need to do constantly varied, functional movements at a high intensity.

And nobody said mastering functional movements was easy. So while intensity is important, it’s more important to develop mechanics and consistency first. Read more about the kind of movements that get you fit here. Read more about mobility, and injury prevention here. Read more about the 10 general physical skills here. Read more about nutrition here.

Don’t want to spend all your time reading? That’s ok, we know you’ve got better stuff to do with your time – that’s what we’re here for. We’re fitness nerds, who are committed to getting you fitter faster.